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Interpreter Training Classes 2019 Registration Form

The 2019 Joanna Furnace educational term of eight engaging classes is just around the corner and registration is now open!

These classes are for both HCVHA members and community members at large.
Join us for any or all of our weekly 2019 class offerings from March 12th-April 27th. Participants will connect with the 19th-century inhabitants of the Historic Joanna Furnace Iron Works community. Each class will be packed full of intriguing details through demonstrations, discussions and some hands-on activities to engage you in understanding the people and the times when iron was king in the Hay Creek Valley.

Open enrollment for our 2019 spring educational series begins now. Each of these classes brings an aspect of the Joanna Furnace community story to life. These eight engaging classes are for learners 16 years and up.

  • Class sizes are capped so register early to ensure your participation.
  • Registration deadline is one week before the scheduled class
  • See registration form on the back of this page

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These classes are designed for anyone with either a casual interest in history or those looking to become part of the Historic Joanna Furnace Education/Interpretation Team or Museum Tour Guides.


1 Learn to be a Joanna Furnace Tour Guide
Presenter Gary Kurtz
TUESDAY, MARCH 12TH – 7 pm to 8:30 pm HCVHA members . . . FREE
General Public . . . $10
2 19th Century Metal Casting—hands-on
Presenter Jack Woods
SATURDAY, MARCH 16TH – 10 am to noon HCVHA members . . . FREE
General Public . . . $10
3 Candle Making—hands-on
Presenter Theresa Watkins
SATURDAY, MARCH 16TH – 10 am to noon HCVHA members . . . FREE
General Public . . . $10
4 Letters of a Daughter’s Devotion Preserved
for centuries

Presenter Juliana Flora
TUESDAY, MARCH 19TH – 7 pm to 8:30 pm HCVHA members . . . FREE
General Public . . . $10
5 19th-Century Iron Production at Joanna Furnace
Presenter Ron Schlegel
TUESDAY, MARCH 26TH – 7 pm to 8:30 pm HCVHA members . . . FREE
General Public . . . $10
6 Colonial Chocolate—hands-on
Presenter Deborah Peterson
SATURDAY, MARCH 30TH – 10 am to 3 pm HCVHA members . . . $20
General Public . . . $30
7 School of Soldier
Presenters PA 50th & 69th Civil War regiments
8 Natural Dying—hands-on
Presenter Barbara Esterly
SATURDAY, APRIL 27TH – 10 am HCVHA members . . . $10
General Public . . . $20

Part of the educational programs of the Hay Creek Valley Historical Association


Learn to be a Joanna Furnace Tour Guide TUESDAY, MARCH 12th – 7 pm to 8:30 pm
Presenter Gary Kurtz

Designed for volunteers to interact with the general public during events and welcome them to the Joanna Furnace Site. The class includes watching and discussing the History of Joanna Furnace video, an overview of period garb for volunteers, and a review of training guide to assist at events. The goal is to have a general understanding of the significance of the Joanna Furnace site and to be able to communicate with guests from that perspective.

Gary Kurtz has been an active member of the HCVHA. He is a Board Member and is involved in several leadership roles including restoration. One of his specialized areas of expertise is in outdoor oven homemade bread making. Gary is a talented educator and well-rounded historic interpreter.

19th Century Metal Casting—hands-on class SATURDAY, MARCH 16TH – 10 am to noon
Presenter Jack Woods

We will provide the basic information required to make a sand mold – using a pattern. The mold cavity made by the pattern will then be filled with molten aluminum. If we’ve done a good job of training you, you will have a casting to take home with you!

You may be aware of some of the Furnace history presented at the Hay Creek Festivals, and if you plan to be a demonstrator at Joanna, any information you hear during these training sessions will be useful. Of course, the emphasis here will be on the Furnace, Casting House, and metal casting products and procedures. Also: Iron ore, limestone and charcoal; Furnace, Blowing engine power; Pig iron, molds/ingots, and products; Making a mold; patterns, flask, rammer, riddle; Finishing a casting; cut off gates, file, smooth.

Jack Woods has been with the HCVHA for seven years. He is a retired educator specializing in Tech Ed. After retiring from public education, he worked for a rescue mission and for the Middletown & Hummelstown Railroad. At the railroad, one of his functions was working to renovate a steam locomotive and passenger coach. At Joanna Furnace. Jack is an educator and interpreter working in the casting house. There he and his team demonstrate the process of mold making and casting as was done at the 19th century at Joanna Furnace. He is one of the HCVHA staff members who designed and built the casting house interpretation. He has had articles published in Industrial Arts education, by the NY State Canal Society, and has written articles for the Hay Creek Journal undergraduate work. Jack is Vice President of the HCVHA and a leader in the History, Archaeology and Restoration Committee.

Candle Making—hands-on SATURDAY, MARCH 16TH – 10 am to noon
Presenter Theresa Watkins

During most of the 19th century, the only lighting for home and business in the Joanna Furnace community was supplied by candles. In the Joanna village, candles were used into the early twentieth century. Some of the old-timers didn’t trust electricity and kept using the “tried and true”. In this course, the processes of rendering tallow, preparing wax and then making candles by dipping will be explored. Participants will create their own hand made candles to take home.

Theresa Watkins is a long time HCVHA member. Professionally, she is an LPN. She demonstrates and teaches the art of candle making at all events at Joanna Furnace and several other historic sites as well.

Letters of a Daughter’s Devotion Preserved for Centuries TUESDAY, MARCH 19TH – 7 pm to 8:30 pm
Presenter Juliana Flora

Juliana Flora, the great-great-granddaughter of Ella Jane Grubb Smith, will share letters written in the 1860’s & 1870’s about the Joanna Furnace Ironmaster’s wife. Juliana is an HCVHA Board member and part of the Education/Interpretation Department.

19th-Century Iron Production at Joanna Furnace TUESDAY, MARCH 26TH – 7 pm to 8:30 pm
Presenter Ron Schlegel

During the 18th-century the ironmaking process was relatively simple in concept. Furnaces smelted the iron, cast and manufactured basic farm and home products. Items such as stoves, hollow ware kettles, grates, tools and so on. These were generally cast and constructed on the furnace site.

By the late 1840’s, only pig iron was produced by the Joanna Furnace which was sent to nearby forges, slitting mills and rolling mills. At the forges, it was made into another type of iron, wrought iron. This second iron type allowed for expanded ranges of products and the semi-raw materials for blacksmiths and wheelwrights.

Ron Schlegel is an educator, college administrator, writer, researcher and is Executive Director of the Historic Preservation Trust of Lancaster County. He is editor and writer for HCVHA publication “The Journal”. Ron is serving in his third term as President of the HCVHA.

Colonial Chocolate—hands-on SATURDAY, MARCH 30TH – 10 am to 3 pm
Presenter Deborah Peterson

In this hands-on workshop, participants make and consume several dishes made from period receipts featuring chocolate as it was imported into colonial America. Receipt (recipe) book supplied. Please bring a bagged lunch. The class is taught by Deborah J. Peterson, visiting Culinary Historian.

The class will be making: Chocolate, Puff-Paste for Tarts, Chocolate Tart, Chocolate Biscuits.

Deborah Peterson is immersed in the material culture, economics and social aspects of the people of 18th-century southeastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Beyond her research, Deborah presents at numerous historic sites, museums, libraries, historical societies, Scouts and schools on a variety of topics of domestic colonial history. She provides many workshops to the general public and staff at historic parks and has developed colonial school programs to provide myth-busting presentations and hands-on experiences to student groups.

School of Soldier SATURDAY, APRIL 6TH – All Day
Presenter PA 50th & 69th Civil War regiments

The PA 50th & 69th Civil War regiments will meet at Joanna Furnace for their annual training day where participants go over all safety aspects of the hobby including proper handling of the rifle, as well as proper rifle firing techniques. We also drill the troops, so they are ready to maneuver properly while fighting in the field. All personal equipment is checked to make sure that each member is ready to take the field safely. Guests are welcome to come out to Joanna Furnace on this day to ask questions and to sign up to be a part of this living history group.

Natural Dying—hands-on SATURDAY, APRIL 27TH –10 am
Presenter Barbara Esterly

Learn the intricacies and formulas used throughout the centuries for dying yarns and fabrics. Dying with the use of natural dyes is both a science and art form.

Barbara Esterly is a seasoned HCVHA educator and interpreter. She has an extensive background in both early American foods and natural dying.