Joanna Furnace School Programs

Learn about the past to build a better future


Whether your group has 30 students or 300, we can create a special day that works for you. You can schedule a half-day (2 hour) or a full day (4 hour) program. Tell us about your group and your needs, and we will build the best educational experience for your classroom.

Our educational programs are taught by the Hay Creek historians who are true craftsmen and have learned their trade from previous generations. They will provide students with one-of-a-kind “hands on” experience that you will not learn in today’s classroom. In fact your students in many cases will get to take home…. and even sample… the craft they create.

For more information or to schedule a unique living history educational program, call 610-286-0388.


The Historic Joanna Furnace Iron Works was just like the hometown communities we have today – businesses, schools, churches and the goodwill of the town folk working together to build a better life.

Nestled in the Hay Creek Valley in southeastern Pennsylvania was an area rich with iron ore, abundant woodland for charcoal, limestone and waterways to provide power. From 1791 to 1898 Joanna Furnace relied on these key elements to produce a wide array of iron products. With six fully-restored buildings remaining and other sites to tour on the property, your students will learn about the iron industry and the 19th Century village life that surrounded it.

During the “Day at Joanna” tour your students will play a game and collect a letter from each stop they visit. After touring the site and talking to our history interpreters students will then unscramble the letters to spell a word. At the end of the “Day at Joanna” tour a small prize will be awarded.



While it was in operation, Joanna Furnace was a self-sufficient community. The Hay Creek historians will teach students about the life of the 19th Century Joanna villagers so the next generation can have the basic skills to succeed in a world so dependent on others.

Our blackboard of early American crafts is constantly evolving. Here is a sample of hands-on activities that we can offer:

  • Historic Cooking
  • Candlemaking
  • Papermaking
  • Food Preservation
  • Herb Gardening
  • Quilling (Paper Art)
  • Early American Games
  • Weaving & Sewing
  • Pottery
  • Metal Casting
  • Tinsmithing
  • Woodworking
  • Civil War Soldier’s Life
  • Early Technology
  • Archaeology

Here’s what teachers and parents have to say about education programs at historic Joanna Furnace

“We loved the requirement that the students work together to gather information, this was a great way for students to get to know new friends also. We look forward to upcoming events.” —Marcie P.

“My children couldn’t stop talking about their experience at Joanna Furnace all day. They especially enjoyed talking with the re-enactors.” —Paula M.

“I was so impressed with the presenters. They were just as excited to have our students as the students were to be there” —5th grade teacher

“It was an amazing day. The students got skills they will remember and use for a lifetime. Thank you for making a world of difference in our community and in our children’s lives”
—anonymous intermediate level teacher

HCVHA school programs meet

Pennsylvania Department of Education Standards

Our education programs are targeted learning experiences for public, private, home school, camp and scout groups.

Our Hay Creek Historians make your students’ learning experience accurate and engaging.

For more information about Hay Creek Valley Historical Association education programs please email or call 610-286-0388