Over The Hill Gang

MISSION – To develop camaraderie among men with an interest in mechanical technology and wood craft related fields while working on special projects of interests.

GATHERINGS – Every Thursday, from 9 am to 3 pm, approximately 40 Over-The-Hill Gang (OTHG) volunteers meet in the Mechanical Technology area to undertake a wide array of projects at historic Joanna Furnace.


  • Sawmilling
    Every spring until winter arrives the Hay Creek Valley Historical Association’s 18th century sawmill is running and producing rough-cut lumber for future projects at Joanna Furnace.
  • Grounds & Equipment Maintenance
    Seasonal work continues year around and the dedicated OTHG volunteers take care of numerous projects related to grounds care, building & equipment repair, and general maintenance of the site.
  • Carpentry
    The OTHG Carpenters work on both restoration and general projects for the historical association. Recent carpentry projects have been reconstructing a 18th century ore wagon, a shelving unit in the Charcoal Barn Museum, and wooden benches that the organization offers for sale.
  • Line Shaft Operation
    The Mechanical Technology Building features a period line shaft powered by a 40 HP Case Power Unit. Volunteers can learn how to operate the vintage equipment connect to this line shaft, which includes a post drill, drill press, profile (copy) machine, wood lathe, mortis machine, dove tail machine, stone mill, corn sheller and a wheel hub lathe.
  • Hay Creek Events
    Event set-up, tear down, and helping to man a stand/event area at the ever popular Hay Creek events are additional activities that the OTHG volunteers assist with on a regular basis. This includes setting up event tents, preparing key exhibits for demonstrations, and operating a tractor for hay wagon rides at the Fall and Christmas events.

OTHG Contacts

OTHG Straw Boss: John Keithley – 610-327-0656, Grounds Maintenance: Jack Kulp – 610-326-6157, Sawyer: Wayne Ramer — 610-469-6658, Line Shaft: John Fleming – 610-582-4938, Wood Shop: Les Moll — 610-374-7243. New volunteers are welcome to stop by any Thursday to get personally introduced to these volunteers. A lunch is also served to all in attendance for a nominal donation.