Hay Creek Valley Historical Association

Dedicated to Preserving Our Rich History

On October 19, 1975, the Hay Creek Valley Historical Association was officially organized. It’s Objective: to support and demonstrate, to foster interest in and appreciation for our local heritage, and to provide a living experience of Berks County’s rich agricultural and technological past. This is accomplished by the demonstration of early American crafts and trades during annual special events. And when in the fall of 1979, Bethlehem Mines donated historic Joanna Furnace to the HCVHA, guided walking tours added yet another dimension to our living experience.

Today the furnace is supported almost entirely by the dedicated services of HCVHA’s volunteer members and the tremendous spirit of cooperation which guides our restoration efforts and festival activities. Membership in HCVHA is a means to contribute to a significant historical project. Our objective is the recreation of a major 19th Century iron making community through research, archaeology, restoration, early American crafts, engine technology, and many other areas.