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The Hay Creek Valley Historical Association (HCVHA) offers one of the best opportunities anywhere for families to work together.

HCVHA is comprised of over 700 families. Each is involved in its area(s) of interest. Membership in our organization opens unlimited situations for people of all ages to become involved in a vast array of educational activities.

Our 1,200-plus members are proud to be part of an organization that, through its volunteers, has become the developer of a major site in the history of early iron production. HCVHA has been nationally recognized for its volunteer efforts.

You and your family should consider joining the HCVHA family. With the large and diverse programs that HCVHA has, we can truly say that there is something here to meet everyone’s interests.

Join HCVHA for this year’s historic season. Be involved with HCVHA and make Historic Joanna Furnace part of your family’s life.

Hay Creek Membership Offers

Serious Fun – Committee projects let you meet and work with new friends.

Warm Social Events – Everyone in your family will enjoy the special dinners, picnics, and campfires held at Joanna Furnace.

Solve Mysteries – Be a part of our history team and help piece together 200-year-old documents and maps.

Search for Answers – Work with our archaeologists and venture back to the earliest days of the iron plantation.

Festive Events – Help bring life to the daily activities of Historic Joanna Furnace with over 1,000 volunteers at the three-day Hay Creek Festival in September, our two-day Apple Festival in October, the beautiful Christmas at Joanna event held each December, and our other monthly fundraising events.

Learn Early American Crafts and Trades – Each member of your family can learn a skill from any of our early American crafts. Pick from quilting, woodworking, blacksmithing, charcoal making, casting, spinning, weaving, open fire cooking, butchering, paper making, antique gasoline and steam engines, tractors, and many other period trades.

Hay Creek Educator –  Work with other Hay Creek volunteers to teach school age students about rural life at Joanna Furnace from 1791 to 1898 during our yearly education programs.

Tri-County Library – A membership to our organization gives you FREE access to our library to do family research and to learn about the many cultural aspects of our community.